My Green Lab Summit 2023

Engagement + Impact

Thu, June 8, 2023 (8 AM–2 PM PDT / 11 AM–5 PM EDT / 4 PM–10 PM UK)

Summit Topics

Building Engagement | Quantifying Impact | Techniques to Reduce Lab Waste | Sustainable Lab Procurement Strategies | Scaling Up Your Green Lab Initiatives | Out of the Box Awards

The My Green Lab Summit 2023 aims to explore practical tools and strategies for engaging scientists in a process that lead to lasting and measurable impact. The event will feature experts from industry, academia, manufacturing, policy, and funding bodies working together to transform the scientific industry through sustainability.

Join us virtually on June 8, 2023, to create the future of sustainable science.


This year, we are glad to make the summit tickets available for our non-commercial partners (Academic, Nonprofit, Government, and others) free of charge. We charge a nominal fee of 25 USD per ticket for our commercial partners.

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