Building a culture of sustainability in science across the continent

The past two years have demonstrated the incredible potential of science to meet some of the toughest challenges facing humanity. But the fundamental research that makes these and countless of lifesaving and world changing innovations possible, also comes at a massive environmental impact. While the battle to combat Covid-19 has not been won, we must not make us forget that our civilization is also grappling with an existential environmental crisis.

What role can science play in addressing the main challenge of our generation, Climate change? How can academia, research institutes, biotech and pharma incorporate sustainability as a daily practice, and green labs into the culture of their labs, their organizations, and their long-term strategy. Can science become the global leaders on environmental sustainability?

My Green Lab’s vision is to ensure a world where all science is conducted in a way that benefits the health and well-being of people and our planet. As a part of our initiatives, this ground-breaking event has been created with the aim to represent the state of the art in the European scientific community’s approach to sustainability, featuring speakers from leading organisations all around the continent. 

This 1-day virtual event took place on Feb 10, 2022 and featured:

  • Keynote presentation from Dr. Una FitzGerald- Founder of the Galway Green Labs initiative, and Sr. Lecturer at CÚRAM, NUI Galway.
  • Case studies from My Green Lab Certified Labs in Europe
  • Innovative manufacturer's transforming their products through the ACT Label
  • An interactive workshop to inspire collaboration in the European Green Lab community

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